We use sharp denim or leather sewing needles with a thickness of 100 or 110. The best thread for commercial machines is synthetic 40 or 60, for home machines – cotton or denim thread. 

It is quite hard to tear SMAT paper. However, if you cut into it a bit, it tears just like a regular piece of paper.

SMAT paper is very durable. When sewing, remember to use appropriate reinforcements in the place where the straps are attached. 
Besides, you should also hold the seam so that it will not tear. This is the most critical moment of the sewing process. Turn SMAT paper inside out when wet or treat it with steam using a steam iron. 
If you sew SMAT paper Blink, gently spray the left side with water so as not to damage the laminate. SMAT paper Patina and basic can be ironed. 
SMAT paper Patina, especially from the roll, is the most flexible and the most comfortable in sewing and use


We tested SMAT paper resistance to water more than 50 times, washing a small plant cover in a washing machine, by hand and with detergents and soap. The paper color faded a little and lost its elasticity, but otherwise nothing happened to it.
Treat SMAT paper gently in the wash so that it last long. Do not machine wash SMAT paper Blink. Wash pecks of dirt gently with a sponge or a piece cloth moistened with water, so as not to damage the delicate coating of the laminate, varnish or wax. Hand wash SMAT paper printed in UV technology.


SMAT paper perfect for printing. So far, we have tested the following printing technologies:


Sublimation printing 


Screen printing


SMAT pape Patina and Basic can be coated with foil using glue; and retains its leather like structure and SMAT paper Basic remains smooth and stiff.

SMAT pape can be stamped, engraved and burnt with a burner as well as glued.


Each printed material created this way is unique and one of its kind. Placing every leaf by hand creates an individual pattern, which also creates an individual color palette.

The colors change with the changing seasons, and certain color combinations may not be available in subsequent growing seasons in subsequent years.

In a tall pot, mix water with ¾ cup of vinegar, press SMAT paper in and simmer for about an hour. The vinegar mixture is to ensure better durability of the designs.