SMAT paper properties and uses

  • You can print on it, laminate it, cover with foil and engrave, burn with a burner and press it.
  • When designing products and during their production (stitching, gluing, etc.) remember that this is a paper – made of long cellulose fibers reinforced with latex – which makes it very durable – but it is still a paper that can be torn.
  • It is durable and flexible, and thanks to synthetic latex strong enough to sew products intended for carrying heavy loads.
  • When designing SMAT paper products consider what weight your product may carry, how it will be used, and what it will be used for.
  • It has right and left sides. The left side of SMAT paper basic has delicate perforation, while the right side of SMAT paper Patina has a clearer structure and corrugation.
  • SMAT paper does not have food safety certificates nor is it a material approved for the production of items for very young children.
  • Wet SMAT paper is much more durable than dry. It is worth using this trick during sewing and turning inside out, because then it is much harder to tear it

SMAT paper is Oeko-Tex and the Forest Stewardship Council (SCS) certified – awarded to timber forest products.

Typical SMAT paper composition:


cellulose fibers








chemicals & other