What is SMAT paper?

SMAT paper is a washable sewing paper.

It does not deform in water, it does not discolour or dissolve.

SMAT paper material is made of natural cellulosic fibres that are impregnated and bonded by a proprietary formula of synthetic latex making it durable and flexible.

It is known as “vegan friendly leather” paper material as the process of making SMAT paper is cruelty free ( no animals ingredients), while the paper still ossesses the looks and feels like real leather skin.

SMAT paper accessories look modern, natural and ecological.

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How can you use SMAT?

SMAT paper has found application in fashion and decorating. It is an excellent material for the production of bags, backpacks, packaging, boxes or covers for books, notebooks and calendars. It is also used for the production of tags, e.g. in jeans.

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Eco-friendly SMAT paper

SMAT paper is known as VEGAN LEATHER. Why?

  • SMAT is a paper that looks and feels like leather
  • No ingredients of animal origin are used in its production

SMAT paper is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified – a symbol of a guarantee of testing textiles for the presence of harmful substances and the FSC certified (FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL) – awarded to wood products.